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WinBop Appliance Co

12 Month Extended Warranty Washer and Dryer Set

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This is a 12 month extended warranty for Washing Machines purchased from WinBop Appliance Co and is subject to all terms and conditions of the WinBop Extended Warranty coverage.


WinBop Extended Warranty
 Terms & Coverage
12 month Extended Warranty covers specifically the Washer and Dryer set assigned at purchase. This warranty includes the following coverages at the discretion of a WinBop Appliance representative:
  1. Repair - parts and labor (not to exceed 60% of the value of the appliance)
  2. Replacement (equal or lesser than the purchase price) specific model or brand is not guaranteed
The warranty period begins upon purchase and remains in effect for 12 months.
This coverage is specifically to insure the functionality of the appliance during normal use.
Customer must pay a $99 deductible per service request before the service date.
Customer agrees to take care of the appliance and use only as the manufacturer intended.
Improper transport or improper use will void this warranty and there will be NO REFUND.
This warranty does not cover cosmetic or physical damage (scratches, dents, paint, cracks, fading ect)
This warranty is assigned to one appliance as well as a specific customer and is NON-TRANSERABLE.
If the appliance is sold during the warranty period this warranty becomes void.
At the request of the customer, WinBop Appliance Co agrees to send a representative, during normal business hours to repair or replace the appliance as need to fulfill the terms of this warranty.
Upon purchasing this warranty the customer agrees to all terms and conditions of the WinBop Extended Warranty.